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Starbucks® Medium Roast Delicious Pairings

May 9, 2012 at 6:32 am in Medium Pairings by admin

House Blend

Heather from Living on Love and Cents is like most moms in the morning, crazy busy schedule trying to get the kids and husband out the door ontime while still providing a wholesome breakfast to power through the day, she doesn’t even get to see her husband most of the time before he leaves for work. She decided to change this and, with the help of Delicious Pairings, planned a little breakfast date with her husband. Upon visiting her Walmart she immediately noticed the Delicious Pairings display in the bakery department at Walmart sharing which coffees paired with which bakery items and why, she loved having this little bit of help when picking out the most delicious pairings. She decided on the Starbucks® Medium Roast House Blend with The Bakery at Walmart Banana Nut Muffins, check out how her breakfast date turned out and discover your own delicious pairings at Living on Love and Cents.

Anna-Leigh from My Lens is Ruby Red was looking for a solution for breakfast for her hectic mornings with her little one so she turned to Delicious Pairings to help make her morning a little easier. She enjoyed her Starbucks® Medium Roast House Blend with The Bakery at Walmart Banana Nut Muffins outside while her little one played. She loved the convenience of her Delicious Pairing and will definitely be enjoying it again in the future! Check out her full story at My Lens is Ruby Red.




Liz from Love Grows Wild is gearing up for baseball season in her busy household and planning to juggle her son’s constant sports events, she knew that she would need some quick breakfast solutions before running out the door to all of the practices so she decided to seek the help of Delicious Pairings! She loved how easy the pairing was for her busy morning featuring Starbucks® Medium Roast House Blend and The Bakery at Walmart Banana Nut Muffins, check out her full story at Love Grows Wild.





Breakfast Blend

Allie from Allie Ferriera has a tradition every year that she always looks forward to with her mother-in-law, Black Friday shopping! With all of the planning, mapping and shopping she looks for a breakfast that will be quick, easy and filling to help her power through the entire day. As she was planning for Black Friday at Walmart she decided to pick up her “fuel” for the morning shopping spree with the help of Delicious Pairings from Starbucks and The Bakery at Walmart. Allie picked up The Bakery at Walmart Blueberry Muffins to pair deliciously with the Starbucks® Medium Roast Breakfast Blend. Prior to the big day she tested out her delicious pairing at home and loved the combination, perfect for the crazy of shopping ahead. Check out her full story at Allie Ferriera.


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